Line Up:

I/Y (I/Y, Fracture)
A.Metz (Analogue)
DΛS (π)

*Recording available

Episode 08
Venue: Astron Bar
City: Athens
Date: 06.06.2015



The π series reached its 8th episode by hosting the Berlin based duo, I/Y at Astron Bar on Saturday, the 6th of June. Irakli and Yacoub have approached the radar of the scene for some years now, with gigs around Europe and releases on respected labels such as Dynamic Reflection and their own imprint, I/Y. Whether through their own releases or several sets at parties like Berlin’s ‘Moments’, ‘Staub’ or ‘Homopatik’ – the duo I/Y have established quite an impressive fan base that is already extending far beyond the Berlin techno bubble. I/Y was supported by A.Metz from the Athenian crew ‘Analogue’ and the new π resident, DΛS.


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