Episode 41
Unstable Signal meets π
Line up: Ancient Methods, MBasix (live), 3.14, Rigas
Venue: Temple
City: Athens
Date: 08.03.2019



Recording unavailable

The π party number 41 brings a number of events in line.
First, it marks the return of Ancient Methods in Athens, as well as at the Pi Electronics events – with his first appearance ageing 4 years, at #Π09 (Arena Club, Berlin, 2015).
Then it also marks the first public meeting of Pi Electronics and Unstable Signal, a new but very much promising label founded by Michalis Vasileiou (a.k.a. MBasix).
Π41 though, is also the last party promoted by Pi Electronics in a while… until the very end of the party series.

The legend of Ancient Methods does not need much of introduction!
Hailing from Germany, master of his kind and identical sound, which he has also evolved over the years – serves his “pitch-black-techno-war-funk” sound.
MBasix, representing his brand new label ‘Unstable Signal’ is joined by the talent of Rigas, resident dj of the label, for the support of this big night.
Along with them, you can find Pi Electronics founder, 3.14.

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