Vofa - π01

[PE01]: Vofa – PI01(π01)

The debut release of the new label series ‘π electronics’ is also the debut appearance of the collaboration project ‘Vofa’ by Sawf and ANFS. Pi / π Electronics is a record label hailing from Athens/GR, which started as the ‘π’ music-event collective, focusing on promoting a specific urban, music-oriented culture. The first release of the imprint (PE01) presents the long awaited collaboration project of the Athenian producers Sawf and ANFS, who offer 4 original tracks. “π01″ (PE01) will lead you back to the dance-floor with two industrial stompers of high intensity, each initiated by two unsettling though grooving ambient/noise tracks to set you in the right mood. Forcing rhythms and deep industrial pulses will make your apparatus quiver and your mind dive into the complexity of urban sound art.



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