Π16 and Π17 are now announced !

Π16 in Berlin and Π17 in Athens are now up.
The 16th instalment of the π party series is a very special one, as it brings together some of the artist involved in the label, for its official launch party. The event takes place at Berlin’s OHM and hosts dj sets by Ontal, ANFS and 3.14, as well as a live set by Damcase.

The seventeenth party takes the series back to Athens for the debut of Dj NOBU in Greece. The recently renovated dance-floor of Six DOGS will host Π17, which presents the Japanese hero ‘Nobu’ along with dj sets by the residents; 3.14 and DΛS.

Π18 at Astron Bar (Athens) will be also announced soon.

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